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What is this thing anyway?  Dean Crandall, a long-time leader in the Colorado cycling community and one of the nation’s leading authorities on bicycle racing, suggested that we host a season-opening festival to celebrate Colorado cyclo-cross.  The idea for a cross time trial is not new, as this is the fairest way to generate call-ups at the start of a season.  The combination of these ideas has given us the Kick-It Cross Festival and Time Trial!

The Kick-It Cross Festival is the way to start the cyclocross season right.  The festival will be your chance to see racing friends and feel the burn of cyclocross for the first time.  

Kick-It Time Trial results will be used for call-ups for only one race:  the first event held immediately after the Kick It Time Trial, which in 2013 is Cross of the North on September 8..  This race is very excited to have call-ups for their race decided by the Kick-It Time Trial.  “We expect a huge turnout at Cross of the North for the first big race of the year, and we want to see who is in shape in 2013, and not award call-ups based on last year's standings,” said Tim Lynch, Event Director for Cross of the North.  "The Kick-It Time Trial is the perfect solution."

The Kick-It Time Trial will be held on a roughly 14 minute cross course that features grass, dirt, run ups, barriers, rideable hills, sweeping turns, loose sandy stuff, flyover, and short staircases.  

The Kick-It Festival will include representatives from Colorado’s bicycle industry, beverages, food, coffee, the melodious voice of Larry ‘LG’ Grossman, and a Pre-J short course event for young riders aged 6, 7 & 8.  The Festival is a chance to reconnect with your fellow cross racing friends and celebrate the simple goodness of the Colorado cyclo-cross community.

Watch the BRAC website for the event flyer - and see you in the dirt!

2013 Kick-It Cross Festival and Time Trial Race Info Sheet

Link to 2013 Registration on Madsync.  This race is pre-reg ONLY!

Event Date:  September 7, 2013

Contact:  Chris McGee BRAC Executive Director303-458-5538      


2012 Kick It Video

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