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Thursday Night Racing at the BVV will now start on May 28th at 7 PM. Registration begins at 5 PM, warm-up from 5:30-6:30. Whether you are racing or spectating, we would love to see a good turn out. Check the “Race” link on our website for full details. Come on out, grab a table, and bring a picnic! More info here


▪ A quick clarification on the Buffalo Bicycle Classic Fund Raiser  taking place during the race on May 28th. The cost is $100, and food and drink are included. This party is separate from the rest of the event, so you can come race and spectate as usual. In other words, you don’t need $100 to race or watch next Thursday.

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Saturday Time Trials - Beginning May 30th, Saturday Time Trials will be Rider’s Choice. From flying 200m to 4km pursuit, you can get timed in the discipline of your choosing. Since the weather has undermined our first few Saturdays, we felt this flexible format would be the best preparation for State Championships.

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▪ Youth participation at BVV is going to be a significant part of our future.

The Youth Velodrome Challenge begins on June 2nd, and BRAC has got involved to help!  Information on the program can be found on the website if you are planning to sign up make sure you hit the SHOP button -
You can STILL register so Come out and  Join the Fun!!