2012 Rocky Mtn Road Cup - New Name and New Points for Our Great Road Racing



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Rocky Mountain Road Cup and Colorado Cross Cup to Switch to

Three-tiered Points System

GOLDEN, Colo. January 25, 2012 - The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado ? the ACA - is proud to announce revamped points competitions for the 2012 road and cyclocross seasons.  The road competition gets a whole new name ? the Rocky Mtn Road Cup ? and the cross season will again feature the organization?s signature Colorado Cross Cup branding.  The most significant difference for this year?s competitions is the utilization of a three-tiered points system for the organization?s 120+ annual events. 

The Rocky Mtn Road Cup and Colorado Cross Cup will both feature Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level events.  These levels represent the amount of points on offer for high placed finishers, with Gold events having the most points available. All weekend events that are permitted by clubs who are members of the ACA will be awarded, at a minimum, a Bronze designation.  The ACA Board of Directors will designate those events which will be awarded the Silver and Gold levels based upon recommendations from its Technical Committee, Chief Referee and Chief Judge reports, event quality, prize list, the race director?s organization, event tradition, location and timing on the race calendar.

?We are very excited to release these new points competitions for races in Colorado and eastern Wyoming,? said Clint Bickmore, President of the ACA Board of Directors.  ?The goal is to create the best racing calendar for our racers, and this new system is great for our athletes, who can now score points at all weekend events during the season.  The way in which the events are designated will ensure that the overall winner is the best rider throughout the many different events that we host, including time trials, hill climbs, criteriums, and road races.  This progressive points system allows a rider to be successful if he/she races a specific type of event, but to be at the top of the standings, a rider will have to excel at many different cycling skills.?

One of the principal reasons to move to a system in which all events are given a points designation is to protect the efforts of race directors.  ?Our race directors put together great events. But under the old system - which gave either a flat level of points, or no points at all ? those races with no points had a difficult time attracting a large number of athletes,? said Chris McGee, ACA Executive Director. ?Our new points competitions give us the ability to protect our smaller promoters and events, while at the same time, we can offer Silver and Gold level designation to those events that provide an exceptional experience for racers, families, sponsors, officials, volunteers, and host communities.?

For more information on the 2012 Rocky Mtn Road Cup and Colorado Cross Cup, including the points table and rules of the competitions, please see the ACA website at www.coloradocycling.org.

Established in 1976, the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado - the ACA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit sporting organization that supports and promotes competitive road, cross and track bicycle events in Colorado and eastern Wyoming.  The ACA provides an array of programs, including an extensive Junior Development Program, to both attract new members and teach existing racers how to enjoy the sport of bicycle racing.  The ACA has more than 3,000 members and features more than 120 events annually.  The ACA serves as the Local Association of USA Cycling in our area. 


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