Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidates and Statements

Board of Directors Elections 2014

Terms fall 2014 through fall 2016

Candidates and Statements (Alphabetical Order)


Doug Gordon (new candidate).  I would have loved to stand up and talk with you in person, but I was unexpectedly called away to Boston for a funeral. I?m very sorry to have missed this meeting. Here?s my story: ?Doug has been racing for almost a decade in Colorado. Starting out as a Cat 4, he moved up to a 3 and has found his niche as a domestique and strategist.?

All that means is that I?m a Masters Cat 3 pack fill kind of guy. I place well enough, and occasionally make the podium. What I do have, however, is a lot of experience in teamwork, both on and off the bike.


Off the bike I put together large partnerships and buy commercial real estate. This requires a massive amount of personality management, and requires that I work like a dog to make everyone happy. Sort of like sitting on the BRAC Board. On the bike, I?ve dealt with the inner workings of an elite level team and continue to deal with the leadership of a local team.


On a National stage: my wife Susannah raced at, and later Directed, a Pro Level Women?s Team. I was in the background on all of that? creating Team Colavita (which changed to Primal Audi), I traveled to numerous NRC races and served as mechanic for both her Amateur and Pro teams. Getting outside the ?Colorado Bubble? really has allowed me to have a very unique perspective on how special Colorado Racing is, and why other states look to us for leadership.


On the Local Level: I created Team Rocky Mountain Health Plans from nothing. We host the Best on Hess Time Trial / TTT which may not be the most exciting race in the world, but from its inception it has been profitable and has provided riders with one of the best race experiences on the calendar. I know what it?s like being a part of a massive team, and I know what it?s like to start a team from scratch. I think that I can help bring the perspective of BRAC?s #1 Demographic (Male, Cat 3.5, Age 42) to the table. I can add value to our membership at large because at my core, I am a Racer. I?ve tried to help out here and there, serving on some committees and volunteering my time a little, but I think it?s time that I take my turn at the front and help shoulder the ever increasing load of guiding the association.

Your vote means a lot to me, I want it, and I?m ready to serve.


David Hadley (new candidate). David has been an avid cyclist since he plunked down $20 to put his first Schwinn Phantom Scrambler on layaway at the age of 8. It took him 3 months to do enough odd jobs and chores to pay off the $140 and he vividly remembers the day he took it home for its maiden ride. Since that day, David has ridden bicycles in a dozen states including California (all three: North, South, and Los Angeles), Alaska (White Mountains 100 fat bike race), New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota, and Utah. He raced on the SC Velo team in Los Angeles, the Twin Peaks Club in Boulder, and is proud to have earned platinum status at the Tour De Tucson (under 5 hours) and completed the Double Triple Bypass in 2014.

David has a masters' degree in Bioscience and an MBA. He spent his professional career in science starting with sequencing the human genome and has been evaluating new technologies to treat detect and treat human and plant diseases ever since. He knows a thing or two about sustaining operations for long term success, including financial analysis, marketing, outreach, and professionalism, which are a few of the skills he would like to bring to the BRAC board.

Colorado is truly a special place for cyclists. This year, David's eight-year old son started cyclocross and mountain bike racing. Nowhere else in the country can children do this! However, more events in Colorado should be a full family affair that includes Dads (the geezer jocks), Moms, and kids! David would like to help build an inclusive BRAC that caters to the entire family by making events more family friendly.

David has previously served on non-profits boards and knows that they requires time, dedication and effort to stay on task. David is prepared for this commitment, understands what it means, and would be honored to serve on the BRAC board. Thanks for your consideration.


Jeff Hammond-RealD Cycling Team (new candidate). Jeff entered his first bicycle race two days before his 51st birthday and will continue to race as a 60+ cat 4 during the upcoming road season. He currently serves as a BRAC race official, and has worked numerous road and cyclocross races for several years. As a former member of the Rocky Mountain Road Club, he served for two years as sponsor coordinator for the Denver City Park Criterium.

Professionally, he worked at Denver?s KMGH-TV for over twenty years before becoming a full-time professor in the Department of Journalism and Technical Communications at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  He teaches courses in video production and communication theory, and holds an MS in Education. He currently serves on, and has chaired several faculty committees, as well as being a member of the MSU Faculty Senate.

If elected, Jeff will bring a grassroots recreational racing perspective to all Board activities, and pledges to fight for organizational transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness across the entire spectrum of the BRAC membership.


Rip Mobus ? Great Divide Cycling Team (incumbent). Rip began racing in 1981 at the Iron Horse, and has been in the sport long enough to see competitive cycling tumble down his list of priorities behind father, husband and career.  He is in his 18th year serving as staff chiropractor for a medical group that specializes in occupational medicine, has served on the board for state chiropractic association, has a seat on the Colorado Division of Work Comp Medical Advisory Panel, and for the past five years has written the Div. of Work Comp Level 1 reaccreditation curriculum.

Following two recent surgeries to correct some longstanding problems, Rip has seen his cycling fortunes improve, taking out the 2014 Men?s 55+ Road Cup.

Elected to an interim position on the BRAC board in September 2014, Rip is interested in continuing to serve on the board, sharing both his experience as a racer and professional experience in learning to find common ground with various stakeholders, occasionally with competing interests, to work  towards a common goal. 


Brent Olson (new candidate). Brent Olson has spent most of his life advocating the lifestyle and benefits of cycling, both recreational and racing oriented, to friends and competitive athletes.  From working in high school at Big Wheel Bikes in Washington DC to racing for the first UVA (university of Virginia) cycling team in 1987, to racing in Colorado for the last 5 years within the BRAC structure, cycling is everything to Brent.  Literally.  Friends and racers alike know that I have spent many years learning the Colorado courses, racers and local racing scene.  As a Director Sportif for the 35/4 Masters team at RealD my desire to move cycling in the right direction has only kept growing.  I have raced almost every course offered here in Colorado, talked with teams and  riders about what they liked/disliked about venues/courses/points and the competitive system etc.  I would like to take this opportunity to be a part of the Board of Directors in the hope my passion for this sport can translate to positive energy and direction in the coming years.

I feel my strengths lie in the deep ties I have with so many racers here in Colorado, in addition to strong beliefs that the Colorado racing environment is of the highest caliber, and yet still has the chance for improvement as it relates to new racing venues and hopefully getting more racers to participate in these great events.  Thank you for considering me on this Board. 


Lynn Taylor -- USAC Level A Road and Track Official (incumbent). Following a 13 year racing career in California and Michigan, I moved to Colorado in 1985 and began officiating in 1986. In addition to working local Colorado races, I officiate national and international level events. My active involvement in the global officiating community lends a perspective to the Board that directly supports the core of BRAC?s mission of ?ensuring quality experiences for all involved?.

I have been a BRAC/ACA member since 1986 and have served on the BRAC Board of Directors for three terms. I am committed to understanding the needs of the entire BRAC membership, and unless working a race, believe I have attended every Board, annual Club Council, race director, and committee meeting, as well as all three women?s summits and several awards parties during my terms of service. I have also been a guest presenter at both a junior and a women?s cyclocross camp.

While a Board member, I have functioned as the Board liaison to the BRAC Technical Committee, and participated in this year?s Masters? Age Group Realignment committee. As a member of the Tech Committee from its inception, I helped design the officials? reports and checklist resources, and collaborated with riders, race directors, and timing companies to establish and recommend race quality standards that have not only enhanced event presentation for spectators and the general public, but also improved the officials? work environment so as to provide timely and accurate results on-site and to BRAC.

One short term goal for this next term is to support the structural reorganization of BRAC in order to enhance communication within and between BRAC?s sub-communities of staff, board members, race directors, clubs, sponsors, officials, and riders. These sub-communities each make a unique and vital contribution to ?ensuring quality experiences for all involved?; thus, timely and transparent communication amongst all is essential.

A second short term goal is to continue the growth of the women?s program. Where the juniors program was previously well-established, the women?s program has become one of BRAC?s most noteworthy accomplishments in the last few years: the women?s road and cyclocross camps are generally sold out, the summits are well-attended, a solid mentoring program is in place for women new to racing, and Colorado women of all ages generally have more peer group race options open to them than many other sections of the country.

Long term goals for BRAC include:

(1)   establish a sustainable connection with the collegiate cycling community to implement/retain best practices for event promotion given the inherent turnover in this community

(2)   service to non-Front Range venues/race directors within Colorado that need to draw participation from neighboring states

(3)   fundraising/sponsorship to make BRAC less dependent on membership fees for operating expenses

(4)   structural organization of BRAC that allows it to focus on pro-active, efficient and responsive operation

Jennifer Triplett (New Candidate). Jennifer Triplett, a Seattle native, has lived in Colorado for the past three years. She started racing road and track in 2004 and served as an active and long-time Marymoor Velodrome Association board member. Instrumental in growing Northwest women's track racing, Jennifer also created and ran a successful women's team, Hagens Berman. She raced at the world cup level in elite track and at the world championship level in para-cycling as a tandem pilot.

Jennifer brings her experience of women's racing, level 1 USA Cycling coaching certification, women's committee, track insider, and USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program knowledge to the team. She works part time for USA Cycling in the Coaching Education department and also with ALP Cycles Coaching.

Jennifer would like to contribute to BRAC and hopes to inspire, educate and create a safe environment for new riders and the existing community. She also wants to see the track program thrive in Colorado and become the premier training and racing location for decades to come.

Marco Vasquez (new candidate). Born in Panama City, Panama. Grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Education: The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio. BS Microbiology (1990), Post Graduate Certificate of Circulation Technology (1994).

Profession:  Board Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist (1995).Currently manage perfusion group at Colorado?s largest adult cardiac surgery center.

Began recreational cycling in the early 80?s. Competitive cycling followed after watching the 1989 Tour de France. With bases in Ohio, Nebraska and Colorado, cycling has taken Marco around the country and the world while forging lasting friendships and gathering diversified knowledge of the sport.

25 years of racing competitively: Collegiate road, Elite and Masters road, MTB, cyclo-cross and track. Three time Nebraska Criterium State Champion (2000, 2002, 2005). Nebraska State Time Trial Champion (2005).

7 years as a team president. Directed over 30 road races, clinics and fundraisers. Established 501(c) 3 non profit status. Donated over $10000 to cancer research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

10 years as an elite road team director and mechanic: Developed three riders that became domestic professionals. Directed Elite men and women?s teams at NRC and UCI stage races in the US and Caribbean. Graduate Bill Woodul Race Mechanic?s Clinic (2009).

6 years as cycling official: National Commissar Certification (2013). Colorado Cycling Official of the Year (2013). Member BRAC Technical Committee.

Highlights: UCI World Cycling Championships Volunteer(2010), Leadville Trail 100 (2011), Collegiate Track Nationals (2013), US Cyclo Cross National Championships, Redlands Classic, Tour of Utah Women?s Edition, US Pro Challenge, US Open of Cyclo Cross, Boulder Cup (2014).

My goals as a member of the BRAC Board of Directors would be to provide informed and independent opinions and to expand the sport in Colorado beyond its current geographical and discipline based boundaries.


Garrett White: Primal Racing (new candidate). Garrett is a Colorado Native, graduated from Colorado State in 2005 with a BS in Management Sciences and minor in Spanish. He started racing in College with CSU and was a two time collegiate national team member. His cycling career continued racing professionally for Colavita and on the French Provincial Professional circuit. He has raced many of the NRC calendar events, and UCI Americas and Europe events. He has worked with riders to secure spots for races and UCI teams, along with junior development. Since retiring from professional racing, he turned his focus towards his career and giving back to the cycling community. 

In 2010, he returned to Colorado for a corporate position with Nationwide Insurance. He immediately worked with Chris McGee and the BRAC board to create a discount program for all BRAC members. After nine months of work the program went live in September of 2013 and stepped in to be a title sponsor of the Cross Cup. He continues to race for the Primal Elite team and also very active in the single speed cyclo-cross community.