Boulder Roubaix Chief Judge Communique

Boulder Roubaix?Chief Judge statement regarding results


Thank you in advance for your patience while results issues are sorted out. There were over 700 registered riders for this BAR/BAT event, and no camera was provided by the promoter as required by BAR/BAT policy. Two experienced judges cannot compensate for the lack of photofinish capability for sprint finishes, nor for the numerous instances of numbers that were on the wrong side, upside down, flapping, covered by hair, folded, placed on legs or on top of camelbaks, or crumpled, nor for the lack of shade on the scaffolding on a beautiful Colorado day.


Normally, the 3-part ACA NCR forms provided to the promoter for registration are used to also post results. The 3-part form allows 1 part to be posted, 1 part to be given to the promoter for their records, and 1 part to be retained by the Chief Judge to fax to the ACA for efficient entry into the results program.


While race-day registrations were recorded on NCR forms, the nearly 450 pre-registered riders were not. Thus, results were posted on my personal NCR forms that simply listed place and rider number, such that unified results could be posted in a timely manner and so that I could retain a copy of what was posted on-site. An additional 5.5 hours post-race were devoted to compiling results into a format that would facilitate data entry, producing 55 pages of results information faxed in 5 separate transmissions, the last at approximately 10:15 PM Sunday.


Places that received prizes were posted as soon as a runner could be found to do so, for all categories. Remaining places to cover the top 20 BAT/BAR places were posted simultaneously in many cases, or ASAP after the prize places, except for the SM 35+/4 and SM 45+/4. A note was posted to allow Web protests for the SM 35+/4. I may have confused some of the SM 45+/4 by saying I ?might? have to defer their results also, thus Web protests will be accepted for the SM 45+/4 also, in accordance with ACA policy.


Riders in all other categories had ample opportunity and obligation to protest on-site, regardless of the lack of photo-finish availability. If you did not check results on-site and did not protest on-site, and you were left off of results, it may be possible to provide you an estimate of your placing as a courtesy, however, ACA results would not be changed.


Please remember that accurate, timely results are critically dependent upon cooperation between riders, officials, and promoters (and the results/timing company if present). Riders need to eliminate number placements issues, officials need to insure they have done their best to correctly reflect the outcome of a race, riders and officials both need to adhere to the ACA protest policy regarding results discrepancies (if we don?t know there?s a problem on-site, we can?t fix it off-site!), and promoters need to provide the tools and environment conducive to generating results efficiently.



Lynn Taylor

Chief Judge

2010 Boulder Roubaix