Amy Dombroski Memorial Service and a Good Interview from October 1 2013

We are absolutely gutted to report that local cross racer Amy Dombroski was killed on Thursday, October 3, 2013 while training in Belgium.  Our condolences, thoughts and prayers are with Amy's family, friends and teammates during this awful time.

Please watch our Facebook for photos and links about Amy.   A moving memorial service was held on October 6, 2013 at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder.  

Amy's family has set up a Facebook page.  Information is available here about a fund being created in Amy's name.

Amy D Sunset by Dejan

Sunset on the memorial service.  Photo by Dejan Smaic.



To honor Amy, here is the interview that we published on October 1st.  Amy was a warm, funny and friendly person, and an incredible bicycle racer.  She will be sorely missed.

Amy D at Bike Bash

Amy at the 2013 Yeti Beti Bike Bash.  Photo by the Betis.


Local hardcase Amy Dombroski sat down long enough to talk with our intrepid reporter, Amanda C, about bikes, sleeping, Belgium, Worlds and other stuff.  To follow Amy's Euro adventures, see her at these locations on the world wide webnet:

website:  www.amydombroski.com

skype: aadombroski

twitter: @amydombroski 

linkedin: amy dombroski

Amy D

The following is taken verbatim from the ladies' conversation.  It's a conversation in real time, kind of.

AC: Hey Amy.

AD: Hey Amanda.

AC: Thank you so much for doing this interview.

AD: No problem. 

AC: I feel all star struck even exchanging emails with you. Does this make me famous by association?!

AD: Don't be ridiculous...I just pedal a bicycle. 


AC: Anywho, here are the questions.  Please feel free to add or subtract anything.


1) When did you get into racing?

2006, following a second knee injury from alpine ski racing. 


2) How and when did you turn pro?

In 2006 I used my brother's pedal bike as rehab for my knee and hopped in a few races. I started racing more seriously on the road in 2007 with Excel Sports Boulder and was able to land some results domestically which I could use to leverage my way onto a pro team. In 2008 I turned into a pro roadie with Webcor Builders. 


3) Thoughts about the CO cycling and racing scene?

It's a really competitive yet friendly environment. That environment has forged me into a strong bike racer because there are so many badasses here! There are also myriads of racing opportunities, whether you want to hit road, mountain or 'cross races on the weekend or during the week. Then there are group rides and non-competitive rides.. It really is a cycling mecca! 


4) Best tip you could give a newbie?

Get a bike fit. Stop at stop signs. 


5) What was your best race moment?

Cross Worlds in Louisville! It was deafening. It was also the most emotional I've ever felt at a bike race. I really had to get myself into a concentrated zone otherwise I was choking up from family and friends screaming my name. Then, in relation to that, going back to Belgium afterwards and having teammates and competitors so awestruck by how America came out for that race in such raucous and enthusiastic and crazed herds. It was wicked. 


6) Favorite race course/weather conditions to get your real CX bada$$ on?

Koksijde has been a grave challenge for me because we have nothing like it in America, so every time I ride it I become a bit more confident and learn a bit more. But nothing beats sloppy mud when it's so slick you feel like you're constantly on the verge of being face down & wallowing. 


7) Hardest part of CX racing?

The clean up after aforementioned races! 


8) Favorite post race guilty pleasure food? Favorite beer?

Zabaione (sabayon). 

I don't like beer...ew nasty. 


9) Off the bike... what are your favorite parts of life?

Being able to eat whatever I want because, in theory, I burn up enough calories to allow for such gluttony. Oh, and sleeping. 


10) If given the opportunity would you compete in American Ninja Warrior? http://youtu.be/02rZjRd1ddY

Oh heck yes. After all, I "dream big. (I'm) not gonna give you a small dream..."


AC: Thank you again.  

AD: No bother. Again. 

AC: I hope this was not too painful.

AD: Nope. 

AC: It basically just goes into a newsletter and on the website for all your stalkers (me)

AD: Creepy. 

AC: Have a rad weekend.

AD: Thank you. You too!