Colorado Racers at the 2013 Cyclo-Cross Nationals - Mud, Snow, Ice, Wind, Cold, Epic - and 35 Podiums for Colorado Racers!

The 2013 Cyclo-Cross National Championships are being held this week near Madison, Wisconsin.  Colorado racers are out in force, as is the Colorado cycling community.  We've got Juniors, Masters, Seniors, Women, Men, Singlespeeders - a little bit of everybody made the journey to the Midwest showdown.  

The entire venue is covered in snow, and the directors plowed the course in most places down to mud and ice.  It's incredibly treacherous and crazy! 

Photos are being posted on our Facebook Page, and Results are being posted on the USAC website.  Next year's Cross National Championships in Boulder will be insanely awesome.

Thank you to everyone who is racing, supporting, cheering, cleaning bikes and being part of this race week!  Here is the list of podium winners for Colorado racers. Congrats all - we've got more the 35 podium placings for Colorado racers!  It takes a village to raise these kind of results - here is Greg Keller's take on the role of community, support and friends in the creation of successful performance.

Colorado Racer Results

Elite Women

1. Katie Compton, Colorado Springs, CO
3. Nicole Duke, Boulder, CO

4. Georgia Gould, Fort Collins, CO

Elite Men

4. Danny Summerhill, Denver, CO

U23 Men

1. Yannick Eckmann, Boulder CO
4. Skyler Trujillo, Fort Collins CO

Collegiate D1 Men

3. Rotem Ishay, Ft Lewis College, Durango, CO
5. Skyler Trujillo, Ft Lewis College, Durango, CO

Collegiate D1 Women

3. Sarah Sturm, Ft Lewis College, Durango, CO
4. Sofia Gomez Villafane, Ft Lewis College, Durango, CO

Collegiate D2 Women

3. Rebecca Gross, Univ of Denver, Lakewood, CO

Women - Master 30-34

2. Brianne Marshall, Durango, CO

3. Rebecca BLATT, Lakewood, CO
4. Rebecca GROSS, Lakewood, CO

Women - Master - 40-44
4. Kristin WEBER, Boulder, CO
5. Margell ABEL, Boulder, CO

Women - Master 45-49

1. Shannon Gibson, Durango, CO

Women - Master - 50-54
4. Deirdre GARVEY, Boulder, CO
5. Diana TANNER, Boulder, CO

Women - Junior - 10-12
5. Tea WRIGHT, Boulder, CO

Women - Junior - 13-14
3. Ashley ZOERNER, Highlands Ranch, CO

Women - Junior - 15-16
2. Mina ANDERBERG, Boulder, CO

Men - Junior - 10-12
2. Nolan Stephenson, Broomfield, CO
5. Oliver HART, Boulder, CO

Men - Junior - 13-14
1. Denzel Stephenson, Broomfield, CO
4. Cassidy Bailey, Lyons, CO

Men - Junior - 15-16
1. Gage Hecht, Parker, CO

Men - Master 30-34

4. Ken Benesh, Westminster CO

Men - Master - 35-39
1. Russell Stevenson, Boulder, CO
3. Jake Wells, Avon, CO

Men - Master 40-44

1. Peter Webber, Boulder CO
4. Ed Baker, Boulder, CO

5. Brandon Dwight, Boulder CO

* 7 of the top 10 in this field were Colorado racers!  Wow!

Men - Master - 65-69
4. Allan MARVIN, Denver, CO
5. Rick ABBOTT, Boulder, CO

Men - Master 80-84

2. Walter Axthelm, Durango, CO

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