Disciplinary Action for Rules Violations at Cyclo-X on December 1 2012


Last weekend at the Cyclo-X Race (December 1, 2012) an incident occurred in which the leading racers agreed to the order of the finish for the Senior Men Open race. This agreement, which is an act of collusion, was made as an exchange for prize money and Colorado Cross Cup points. The riders in question are Russell Stevenson and Danny Summerhill. The agreement was made public in the days after the event.  

This conduct is in violation of both USAC rules and policy of the Colorado Cross Cup, which was created to "Recognize the best Colorado Cross Cup Individuals and Teams in designated categories" and to "Encourage teamwork and competitiveness." 

This behavior is addressed in the USAC rulebook: 

"1Q2. General Misconduct. The following offenses may be punished by suspension or lesser penalties:
(a) Acts of theft, fraud, dishonesty, or grossly unsportsmanlike conduct in conjunction with a sporting event;
(b) Offering, conspiring, or attempting to cause any race to result otherwise than on its merits."

Russell Stevenson admitted to this behavior in a communication posted to the 303Cycling website on 12-5-12

As the actions of these athletes affect the integrity of honest sport and the Colorado Cross Cup, it was my recommendation as Executive Director that both athletes be disqualified from the event in question. 

Mike McGuinn, as Chief Referee of the event, has disqualified both athletes.  This action was taken with the support of Shawn Farrell, Technical Director of USA Cycling.  No further disciplinary action is required at this time. 

I have communicated with both athletes the disciplinary action and consequences.  Both Russell and Danny accept this disciplinary action.

Both riders forfeit their event result, Colorado Cross Cup points (if applicable) and prize winnings.  

Both the race results and the Cup competitions points have been adjusted accordingly.

It is the responsibility of Russell and Danny to return prize winnings to the Event Director (Without Limits Racing) within two work days.  

It is the responsibility of the correct finishers to collect race winnings from the Event Director.  These funds may not be available until three work days from today.