Important Info for Ft. Collins Cycling Festival - August 19, 20 & 21, 2011


Hello All - Ft. Collins is gearing up for the 2011 Ft. Collins Cycling Festival.  There are a ton of events going on over the weekend, and a different format from last year.

Friday - UCI World Championship Qualifier Time Trial - Rawhide TT

Saturday - ACA Criterium (Masters State Championships) - Downtown FoCo

Sunday - UCI World Championship Qualifier Road Race - Rist Canyon RR

The Ft. Collins Cycling Festival wants to make sure that ACA racers feel welcome at these events, which are both local for Coloradoans, and as qualifying races for UCI Amateur Worlds, national in scope.  To encourage ACA member participation in the UCI races, all ACA racers will receive a significant discount off the registration price. ACA racers will use their ACA license numbers as a Coupon Code to get the discount.

For the tt, use your ACA # then -tt.  Example:  3915-tt

For the road race only, use your ACA # then -rr.  Example:  3915-rr

For both, use your ACA # then -both.  Example:  3915-both

Registration is available thru PreRace here:  http://www.prerace.com/races/event/22454/Rocky-Mountain-Criterium



When ACA racers register for the FCCF's UCI events through PreRace, you will receive:

  1. A USAC one day license (for the UCI races in which you choose to race)
  2. Racer breakfast & Lunch (Saturday & Sunday only)
  3. Racer Goodie Bag/T-Shirt/Cliff Item/Chammy Cream/Many other items
  4. Beverage of your choice: Avery Brewery or Soft Drink (Saturday & Sunday only)
  5. Festival with huge pavilion and much fan fair (Saturday & Sunday only)

 Please note the pricing structure:

  • Pricing for USAC/UCI TT Racers $65.00
  • Pricing for USAC/UCI RR Racers $85.00
  • Pricing for ACA Members Time Trial $35.00 -Comes with One day USAC license
  • Pricing for ACA Members Road Race $65.00 -Comes with One day USAC license
  •  Pricing for ACA Members TT & Road Race $90.00 -Comes with two One-day USAC licenses