KHMTT #4 Communique

2010 Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series


April 28, 2010


Communiqué #4


Please direct all results inquiries to Sheri Barr, Chief Judge, at: wjbsheri@comcast.net


Remember wearing headphones is illegal and cannot be worn during competition.


Replacement numbers are available at the Green Mountain Velo tent in the registration area.


Warning to riders #34, 78, 104, 140, for wearing hand written numbers


Warning to rider #192, Caden Kroonenberg, JM 10-12, for not wearing any number.  A repeat offence will result in a disqualification


PARENTS:  You cannot accompany your child during his/her competition.  If

any parent is observed riding with their child again the rider will be disqualified.  Warning to #?s 167, 116.


Rider #64, one-minute penalty: this is the third time you have been warned for improper number placement or floppy number.  When you attach your number to a waistband it cannot be seen by the finish judge, as it is too low and flopping about.  It must be affixed to your torso.


Warning to #223 for a cut number.  More of your number and the white background must be visible.


Warning to #356, for upside down number.


Rider #351 received a restart due to a bike malfunction while in the staging lane


Warning to #130 for bad number placement.  Next time use safety pins and proper number placement


Warning to riders #161, 130, 240, 132, 140, for blocking the road entrance to the boat ramp at the start area.  It is actions such as this that we may lose our privilege to continue using the park.



Dean Crandall, Chief Referee