KHMTT #5 Official Communique

Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial

May 5, 2010


Communique #5



Please direct all timing issues to Sheri Barr: wjbsheri@comcast.net


We are not to use the boat loading lot for warm up.  Everyone received an email to this effect.  Warning to #?s  53, 152, 146, 216.


Now that we are very close to Memorial Day weekend we will see much more boat trailer traffic.  Please do not warm up and/or make u-turns in the start area.  It is getting congested with this traffic.


Riders:  you must wear a KHMTT number, not a hand written number.  Replacement numbers are available at the yellow COBRAS/Green Mountain Sports tent in the parking lot.


Rider #64 received a 60 second penalty for repeated wearing a number that cannot be read by the finish judge.  Please attach your racing number to your body and not a waist-band, that, due to your excessive speed,  causes it to flap in the wind.


Warning to #312.  Your number was upside down.  Next time, it will be a 60 second penalty.


Warning to rider #126, Drew Sotebeer, JM 10-12, You cannot have a parent follow you.  It is not fair to the other competition.  The next time you are observed with unauthorized support you will be disqualified.


Rider #130 received a 30 second penalty for improper number placement (last week) and number obscured by her hair(this week).  All riders have been repeatedly warned about number placement and hair blocking the visibility of their racing number.  At 20 second starts, the lone judge does not have time to chase down every rider who makes scoring and placing riders in the proper category more difficult.


Dean Crandall, Chief Referee