Lookout Mtn Hill Climb Communique

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb

May 01, 2010


Communique #1



Sam Trelease #60, JM 10-12, Magdalyn Neiberger #476, JW 8-9, Stephanie Lawrence #477, JW 8-9, Katherine Lawrence #59, JW 10-12, have received a warning for receiving outside support.  The next time any juniors are observed receiving unauthorized support they will be disqualified.


Parents: You cannot follow your child while he/she is racing.  It is a form of interference with the other riders.  Also you cannot follow your child without prior possible authorization from the Chief Referee.  Please allow your child to compete with the other riders in their category on their own merits.


SM 3

-Jim Halliberg, disqualified for riding on an expired license

-Scott Wilkerson, disqualified for competing in the wrong category

-Justin Hall, disqualified for competing in the wrong category


SM 4

-Mike Primm, disqualified for being a SM 3 and competing in the SM 4, plus recommend suspension for accepting a prize in that category.




Dean Crandall, Chief Referee