A Message From the BRAC Executive Director to Mountain Bike Promoters

Mountain Bike Promoters,

        Thank you for being part of a sport that I love. I?m writing to you in the spirit of co-operation and commitment to cycling. I?ve recently been named the Executive Director of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado. I am also a bike racer. I race cyclo-cross, road, and mountain bikes, and I?ve always wondered why mountain bike races were not included within BRAC?s support and promotion umbrella. Most mountain bike races that I?ve done were on my radar through word of mouth. Sand Creek Sports has a great calendar in place and I commend Andy for his hard work. However, the reach of BRAC?s calendar is much greater because BRAC is a non-profit 501(c)3 and has a mission to ?Promote bicycle racing in Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming?. Remember that BRAC is not out to grab a piece of your pie, we would like to expand the size of that pie and get more people racing their bicycles regardless of the cycling discipline. We would like to open a dialog with MTB promoters with the following two items.

        First, I?ve spoken with the Board of Directors of BRAC and we would like to show some of the value of working with BRAC. Traditionally, member clubs ($95 to join) are allowed to list events on our calendar for $25. The board, at my request, has agreed to waive the club requirement for this listing. The reach of this calendar is substantial; I believe that you?ll notice a significant increase in the traffic to your website and at your event. If you would like to post a flyer and/or link to your website, the club requirement still stands.

        Secondly, BRAC is perhaps the strongest local association of the National Governing Body of the United States, USA Cycling. Both BRAC and USA Cycling offer numerous tools and advantages over independently promoting a race. I welcome your questions or comments and would be interested in hosting a meeting to discuss working together in 2015.

Why consider permitting through USA Cycling?

USA Cycling has negotiated insurance programs and waivers that protect both racers and promoters to an extent that is tough to match. Flaws in insurance and waivers could allow the promoter to be liable; USAC has ironed out these wrinkles.

Riders are able to qualify for Olympic events and for national events by participating in USAC events.

2014 USA Cycling licenses are combined road, track, CX, and MTB, thus allowing better crossover from other disciplines.


Some reasons to consider permitting through BRAC;


Ability to advertise through the BRAC website (ColoradoCycling.org) and newsletters

Coordination of schedules

Involvement in a series points competition with a website that tracks this competition

The ability to employ qualified USAC referees and judges and have them properly assigned to your race

The use of the BRAC kit which contains (among other items);


Course materials


Traffic cones

Tables and chairs

Registration computers and printers

BRAC created software applications to aid with registration, schedule creation, and timing

These products and services are available to member clubs.

USAC Fees: $100 for a permit for 100-499 riders and $3 per rider for insurance.

BRAC Fees: $25 for date request and $2.50 per rider to cover BRAC offerings listed above.

        Thank you for your time and consideration, please contact me at ExecDir@ColoradoCycling.org or phone 303-458-5538 to discuss being listed on our calendar of events or to discuss working together to improve cycling in our state.



                                Aaron J. Bouplon


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Aaron Bouplon ? Executive Director

Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado

2401 Broadway Suite 216