Message from BRAC President, Doug Gordon

Dear Fellow BRAC Members?

I just got home from a 3 hour Board of Directors meeting and wanted to share my thoughts. Hopefully this will be the first of what will be numerous, regular communications to you from us, your Board of Directors. For the first one, I get to give you the report. Lucky you!

First off, I want to thank you for placing your trust in me to handle the affairs of what amounts to be a fully functioning economic power in Colorado and the West. The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado is charged with promoting the sport of Cycling, and working to create positive experiences for ALL involved. This is no easy task, but we take the challenge head on and are committed to delivering on that promise.

The Board just added 50% new members, and for me this is an exciting time. We?ve got great people with experience, and we have many new (and existing) leaders with fire and zeal. Oh my word, we have big shoes to fill but thankfully our past leaders are standing alongside us to serve as a resource for the future.

Where do we go from here? Right now, the new leadership is focused laser sharp on creating a sustainable, functional structure for the association. We need to make sure that BRAC?s bulletproof for the next decade. Towards that end, we formed numerous committees this evening that will deeply evaluate every single aspect of our engagement. How can we get organized so we can be more effective? How do we get more racers? How do we make the experience better for our officials? How do we help Race Directors offer up better and more exciting events? These are all questions we?re asking ourselves, and the answers will determine our course going forward.

We got a great start tonight, I am very pleased. Even so, we had a slight delay in getting the 2015 Road Policy approved, but Shawn Farrell, Yvonne and I are getting with Clint ASAP to get some clarification and then I promise we?ll get it posted? but only when it?s done right. We owe you that.

What do you need to deal with right now? The State Cross Championships start tomorrow! A must do event for everyone, both racers and spectators. 2 days of thrills and excitement, bacon and waffles. OK, so if you don?t race cross all that means is that right now you need to focus on not racing. Eat for goodness sakes. Drink a beer. Get fat. The fatter you are the better chance I have of doing well in 2015. Consider it your duty to me, Your Beloved President Gordon (similar to King Julian in Madagascar, only different).

The 2015 Road Calendar is out, take a peek and start dreaming of the possibilities. Don?t panic, there are some races that may come on later, and hopefully we won?t see the cancellations we ran into in 2014! Take a chance, target some races that are out of your comfort zone and test yourself.

As an association, we?re going to do all we can to support you in your adventure, work to offer new and exciting opportunities for not only competition but also your educational growth, but above all lock in a sustainable structure and association that?ll serve you well for years.

That?s probably enough for now, please go back to your holiday meals, have an extra portion. Go full gas on the egg nog and cookies. When we have some more news you?ll be the first to know.
Congratulations on a super 2014, and I look forward to working with you in 2015 to make Colorado Racing better than ever.

Doug Gordon