Message of Thanks from Lee Waldman

I wanted to take a minute and thank the entire cross community for the incredible outpouring of support I?ve received from everyone following my hit-and-run accident on Christmas day.  I have been overwhelmed and truly humbled by you all.  We go through life thinking that, if we?re lucky, we might have impacted maybe a handful of people.  Your good wishes, your thoughts, your prayers, your messages to me have proven me wrong.  In some small way is seems as if I?ve been able to touch many lives.  In a much, MUCH larger way you?ve touched mine.

As you know, I?ve got a lot of healing to do.  The resulting extensive injuries have definitely presented me with a challenge that far exceeds anything I?ve ever faced on the bike.  I wake up every day ready to fight the good fight again fueled with the energy that I?ve gotten from all of you.

There are literally too many of you who?ve sent me messages to thank you all individually but know that your thoughts have meant a tremendous amount to me.  I?m truly not sure that I?d have the energy to come back if it weren?t for your steadfast belief in me.