Timing System Update - Year 2 with the Orion System Begins March 11th at Stazio

The ACA is very excited to enter Year 2 with our Orion Timing System.

Please note:

All Rocky Mtn Road Cup events that are Silver or Gold will use the Timing System.

KHMTT at Cherry Creek will use the Timing System

All Riders are strongly encouraged to pre-register for events that use the Timing System.

Timing Chips go on the headtube, much like a head badge logo, or on your headset spacers UNDER the stem.  

Timing Chips will last for approximately 4 years - You do NOT need a new chip each year.


You may have to combine zip-ties to get around your headtube - that is fine.  The black padded foam will compress and make your chip fit more securely on your bike.  One note:  the best way to cut a tight zip-tie is with nail clippers (this also keeps any sharp edged tools away from your frame).  Chips that are not mounted correctly will cause scoring problems (ie, you won't get a placing).  So please get it right!  


Please contact me with questions at execdir@coloradocycling.org or 303-458-5538.  


Below are two possible locations for your chip:




chip 2

Below is a bad chip placement that will not give good readings to the system.  Please note how the orientation of the chip is horizontal and not vertical.

bad chip placement