US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and Colorado Racing in 2013

We are working with USADA to provide educational resources and testing at Colorado cycling events in 2013.  

Our goal is to both educate our athletes, and provide testing and deterrents to ensure that our athletes are competing on a clean, fair playing field.  It is important to note that ALL athletes at USAC events are subject to both in- and out- of competition testing by USADA.



Important Links and Contact Info:


WADA's Prohibited Substance List

Therapudic Use Exemption (TUE)

Concerned about vitamins and supplements? - www.Supplement411.org

Anonymous Tip Line - Phone - 877-752-9253

Anonymous Tip Line - webpage and email

Confused about the role of USADA, UCI, USAC, USOC, BRAC, etc. ?

(As if the acronyms aren't already painful enough?!?!!??)


Here is a quick summary of the acronyms of related organizations:

USADA - US Anti-Doping Agency

WADA - World Anti-Doping Agency

USAC - USAC Cycling (the NGB for bicycle racing in the USA)

NGB - National Governing Body (an organization that runs an Olympic Sport in the USA, ie: USACycling)

USOC - US Olympic Committee

IOC - International Olympic Committee

UCI - International Cycling Union 

LA - Local Association - organizations (like us) who structure and support competititve cycling in a designated area within the United States.

Summary of Situation Jurisdiction, and Funding:

In 2000, WADA and USADA were formed. 

This creation removed NGBs from the role of testing and investigation.

NGBs enforce the decisions of USADA.

Arbitration is used to solve questions of jurisdiction and penalties.

USADA is committed to testing all Olympic sports, not just cycling.  

USADA is committed to enforcing anti-doping rules for all athletes, not just elites.

In 2012, USADA implemented the first Local Association Testing and Education Program in Florida.

Funding for this Program was provided by race directors, the Florida Bicycle Racing Association, and the Florida Clean Ride Fund.

We are implementing a similar program in Colorado, and have included funding for USADA in our 2013 Budget.

USAC is building a Local Association Anti-Doping Program, which will coordinate efforts, help target testing by USADA, and provide funding for LAs to bring USADA presence to local events.  At this time, cycling is the only Olympic sport in the USA that is working on this sort of program.


Questions?  Concerns?

Please contact:

Chris McGee, ACA Executive Director, at execdir@coloradocycling.org


Gordon Weldon, USAC's Managing Director of Membership, at gweldon@usacycling.org


Andrew Morrison, USADA Sport Testing and Resource Director, at amorrison@usada.org