• BRAC is your general source of information regarding USA Cycling and is your liaison to the USAC main office.
  • BRAC organizes meetings throughout the year to help create and update the various discipline calendars
  • Clubs are eligible to host BRAC points competition events, such as Rocky Mountain Road Cup & Colorado Cross Cup events
  • BRAC processes your permit applications with USA Cycling in a timely manner, and assists in attaining the required insurance certificates
  • BRAC reviews your race permits and flyers and assures they are in compliance with USA Cycling rules and BRAC policies.
  • BRAC posts race announcements and any updates on BRAC website in a timely fashion
  • BRAC posts race results submitted by clubs or timing companies on BRAC website (subject to limitations. Results must be submitted in approved formats)
  • Clubs are eligible to host Colorado State Championship events
  • BRAC staff and BOD members will be present to award State Championship medals and jerseys at all State Championship events.
  • BRAC clubs are eligible to participate in Team Cup awards.
  • Events get free advertising in weekly e-News blasts, on BRAC Facebook, ¬†and on the BRAC website
  • Race Announcements are posted on the BRAC website (1MB)
  • Racing schedule poster published at the beginning of each season which is distributed to local area bike shops and regional race publications
  • BRAC assigns a complete crew of licensed USAC officials for event based on USA Cycling guidelines
  • When appropriate, officials trainees are assigned at no cost to promoter.
  • Clubs are provided with Chief Referee evaluation forms at the end of the season.
  • Clubs are provided with a detailed USA Cycling and BRAC surcharge report within 48 hours of results submission
  • Clubs have use of BRAC Race Kit free of charge
  • Numbers and pins are provided free of charge (subject to limitations)
  • Clubs receive $2.00 for every BRAC one-day membership sold on site.
  • BRAC clubs that host competitive events are reimbursed Kids race permit fees ( $25 value)
  • BRAC clubs that host competitive events are subsidized for Motorcycle insurance ( up to a value of $400)
  • Clubs have use of the RaceDayReg electronic registration and results uploading program
  • If requested, promoting clubs will be provided with a list of other clubs/teams that may be able to help your event.
  • BRAC clubs Have voting rights at the annual BRAC Club Council meeting. This includes but not limited to:
    • Annual Budget Approval
    • Schedule of BRAC Fees
    • Discuss and make recommendations on all policy items
    • Election of Board Members
    • Input on designation of State Championships


  • Agree to become a USAC member club.
  • Agree to abide by USAC rules, BRAC Policies and Bylaws.
  • Must promote or co-promote a minimum of one USAC event per year to remain in good standing.
  • Agree to abide by the specific requirements as addressed in the policy manual as it relates to any BRAC Points Competition event club promotes.