New Racer Info

New Racer Information provided by Katie Macarelli - thank you!!!

Hello, happy cyclist!  You have probably clicked on this page for one or more of the following reasons:

1. You are an accomplished recreational cyclist and you are ready to "take it to the next level".

2. Cycling is a way of life for you.  You can't get enough.  Time to turn the phrase "I like to ride my bike" into "I like to race my bike". 

3. You have a child/spouse/significant other/friend who races and you're tired of them getting all the glory.  Their precious training regimens, chamois cream, and shaven legs were a mystery at first, but now you're curious.  You figure, "I could do that.  What's the big deal?  In fact, I WANT to do that."

4. You have uncoordinated fingers and you clicked this page by accident.


Dean coaching kids at Bannock 2011

Regardless of the reason, we're glad you're here!

There are several ways you can choose to enter the world of racing.  You can certainly just "show up" to a race and do it.  But for most people, it?s helpful to do a little research ahead of time, cruise some good web-sites and go watch (better yet VOLUNTEER at a) handful of races.  Many athletes find time trials and cyclo-cross to be good first events and a great way to pin on a number for the first time.

Here?s a round of questions: 

Do you often find yourself chasing down another rider on the road or trail simply for the opportunity to make conversation?

Does the phrase "team kit" excite you?

Have you gone to or participated in races, looked around at teams and thought, "That looks like fun.  And they seem to know what the heck is going on."

Are you interested in group rides, team functions, and camaraderie? 


If you answered ?yes? to many of these, then you are probably ready to join a team!  Being part of a racing team is the best way to enjoy our sport.  Teams provide support for athletic growth, valuable safety and racing information, and are a great social outlet. 

You might already have a team in mind that you like.   There are many varieties of teams out there.  Some are very serious and have a ton of commitments?these teams are for experienced racers.  Others are more laid back and are out there mostly for fun, and there are teams that encourage beginner racers and are all about learning.  Take a tour of our available teams and clubs, join a couple for their rides, and find a good fit.  And get ready to have FUN in a sport that gets you outside in colorful Colorado!