2016 KHMTT #1 Post Race Communiqué


The following rider receives a warning per USAC rule 8A5(f):  ?Non-competitor on course during an event.? Future violations will result in disqualification.

  • JW 9-10 Bib #219, Raven Powers, USAC #493931.  Please have your father set an example for you and others and wear a helmet when he rides a bike.

 The following riders receive warnings per USAC rule 8A1(j):  ?Number invisible, badly positioned or covered at finish.?  Future infractions will result in relegation.

  • MW 55-59, Bib #206, Margaret Tennant, USAC #466550 ? hair covering number.
  • MM 70-74, Bib #224, Roger Neeland, USAC # 382268 ? bad placement.
  • JM 13-14, Bib #218, Wren Powers, USAC #363346 ? upside down number.
  • MM 60-64, Bib #733, John Hornick, USAC #92068 ? bad placement.

In general, we have received complaints from park management and park users of riders not riding as far right as needed, unless passing another racer, or a recreational rider. The park roads are open to all traffic, hugging the center line is against park rules. Future violations are grounds for disqualification.

Chief Referee - Tom Foss, USAC #277450