Results of CX Meeting and Rider Survey

A few weeks ago BRAC and Tender Belly / Oscar Blues hosted an open town hall style meeting to give members and opportunity to discuss cyclo-cross issues. While many opinions were expressed, the more consistent ones were the following:

  • SW 3 and SW 4 do not like their placement after the pro events and would prefer to start before them
  • The pro races should be at the end of the day like in every other state
  • SSM want to go 50 minutes, especially if the SM 3 get to go 50 minutes
  • The SS  riders liked the SS 4-5 race group and want to see it reinstated (it was initially abandoned due to low turnout)
  • Non-master women riders liked the SS 4-5 as it gave them their only other racing opportunity

While the meeting was very well attended compared to other similar attempts last year, prior to making any decisions, BRAC sent out a direct email to the SW 3 and SW 4 riders asking for their opinions on the placement of their events during the day. The major responses can be summarized as follows:

  • 35 riders responded that they liked the schedule the way it is and it should be left alone
  • 14 riders said that they preferred to move to the morning or at least to a spot before the pro races
  • 5 riders expressed no opinion other than they are happy that BRAC offers the SW 3 and SW 4 race groups as separate groups, rather than lumping the two together and/or forcing them to ride with the pro women.
  • 5 riders said that the schedule should be rotated, either during the season or at least every year so that the same groups do not always get the best or worst starting slots

Since the meeting and the email survey, BRAC staff and the BOD has continued their search for the Holy Grail of schedules, which is about as impossible as actually finding the Holy Grail. However, after consideration, the following is what is currently under consideration:

  • The SSM 4-5 will be reinstated as a race group, most likely paired with the MM 40+ 4 and MM 50+ 4.
  • The SSW will be given their own race group, most likely also paired with the SSM 4-5
  • Due to the current pairing of the SSM with the MM 50+, this group cannot be increased to 50 minutes without a complete reshuffle of the order. Moving SSM to a later slot impacts many riders who also want to ride in their non-SS open categories.
  • BRAC is also pondering some minor tweaks to the distances, for example increasing the pro men to 60 minutes from the current 55 minutes, increasing the pro women from 40 minutes to 45 minutes, and having the SM 3 go 45 minutes.

However, BRAC would like to remind riders and race directors of a very important point ? These schedules are created as a benefit for those who wish to use them. Any race director who has an idea for a better order of events is not only welcome to use them, but is actually encouraged to do so. Riders, if your team puts on a race and you think you have a better schedule, use it!

The cup policy was designed to establish and protect the nature of the race groups and the quality of races. Most Colorado races already have quality. What is unique about Colorado, for better or worse, is the vast number of race groups. In many areas there are 6-8 races all day, with many combinations. There are often a total of two master?s races, a masters A and masters B or something like that. No other local association tracks 26 different race groups. Whether doing so is good or bad will always be open for debate, but this has been an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one, and at present it is where we are, and most riders seem to prefer it this way