Results of MM 40+ 1-3 Rider Survey

A couple of weeks ago after a social media blow up over combining MM 40+ 1-3 with SM 3 at a race, BRAC sent direct email to the two hundred or so riders in that race group. The results came back quickly from this very passionate race group. The question asked in the email specifically was if the group has to be combined, would they prefer it to be combined with the SM 3 or the SM 1-2. Currently, cup policy?s suggested combinations puts them with either.

Here are the results to date of the responses received:

  • 35 riders said they preferred to ride with the pros and never the SM 3, many saying they would stay home if paired with the SM 3
  • 12 riders said they preferred to ride with the SM 3, and would not race if they had to ride with the pros.
  • 8 riders said that the only acceptable answer is to give them their own race
  • 6 said we should move to a Masters A, B, and C scenario that combines different ages and ability categories in an effort to reduce the number of starts and/or increase field sizes
  • 6 said that we should cut down on the number of race groups. Suggested ways to do that included the A,B, C ideas above, elimination of the MM 40+ 1 riders by sending them to the pro race, and eliminating the separate MM 40+ 3 races.

Taking all of the above into account, we have sent an email to the race directors of all upcoming races that inform/remind them of the following:

  1. The combinations listed in the road cup policy manual are just suggestions. They are welcomed and encouraged to come up with their own if they feel theirs is better for their customers.
  2. The current policy already gives them the option to run the MM 40+ 1-3 as a separate race, and these riders would appreciate that.
  3. If they feel they have to combine the MM 40+ 1-3 with another group, far more of them prefer this group be the SM 1-2 event. Furthermore, if they do include a MM 40+ 3 event, then  there is less downside to combining the MM 40+ 1-3 with the SM 1-2.

BRAC wishes to thank all the riders who responded so quickly and with so many good ideas.