Motoref / Chief Ref Meeting - Part 1

The Chief Referees and the Motorefs met on Saturday, June 18th to discuss some issues that have come up recently concerning r rider behavior in road races, primarily the center line rule. Some of you may know all this, but it was pointed out at the meeting that discussions this spring after some of the road events reminded the officials that many riders are new to the sport and really do not understand the nuances of some of the cycling rules.

It is a given that nobody likes the center line rule. The riders don't like it and it certainly is not the highlight of any motoref's day trying to enforce it. However, it is a very important rule for three reasons:

  1. It is one of the main safety rules that we have for races on open roads. That should be obvious, but appears not to be at many events.
  2. It is a fairness issue, as most riders do obey the rules, and then if riders get away with breaking them and gain an advantage, it is clearly not fair to the riders who followed the rule.
  3. It is a requirement of government agencies and our ability to continue to use the courses depends on adherence to the rules. Over the years, many races have been lost due to riders not following the center line rule. We recently lost a good TT course due to it.