Special Meeting of the Club Council

BRAC will be holding a special meeting of the Club Council during the Road and Track Awards Party. This meeting will be for th sole purpose of approving a bylaw change that was brought up last year at the 2015 Club Council meeting regarding how voting strength is determined. The concept of the change was approved by the clubs at last year's meeting, but as it was not on the original agenda could not be voted on officially. As plenty of teams are always represented at the parties, this will allow the vote to be taken officially without requiring a special trip for anybody. 

The change is to strike a line in Article VI, Section 1 that states that any rider may only be claimed by one club for the purposes of determining voting strength. The reality of today is that many riders have different clubs/teams for the multiple disiciplines they ride. With this change, each of their clubs will get to claim them as a member. The proposed bylaws with this change can be found