And the Envelope Please...

Last week we mentioned throwing a little swag the way of the best performances from Cross of the North for people that raced every day. Well, we did have a pretty good response. Over 70 people finished at least one race all three days. Special note goes to Melissa Barker, Miss Consistency, finishing 6th place all three days in the same category. Joseph Brubaker, Nicklas Eggebrecht, Todd Gray, Heidi Gurov, McKenna McKee, and James Scott all road and finished four events in the three days. But, the title of Grand Champion goes to Lauren Zoerner, who not only competed in 5 events in 3 days, but won four of them, including JW 13-14 and SW 3 categories. She even finished 11th in the SW Open. Wow. The other undisputed champs are Brad Bingham, who won the SS all three days, and Joseph Brubaker, who won the MM 60+ all three days and got 22nd in the MM 50+ one day. Congrats all.