2018 Road Cup Policy

Here is a preliminary look at the 2018 Road Cup. Most of this is functionally unchanged from last year. Here are the significant points:

  • There is a summary page at the front giving all the changes
  • Overall results will be based on the rider's or team"s best three performances in six categories:
    • RR
    • TT
    • HC
    • Criterium
    • Stage Race
    • Omnium
  • Stage races will continue to score 1.25 x points for the overall placings
  • State Championships will continue to score 1.5 x points
  • The junior age groups are those that we just used for CX
  • The words, junior, master, and senior are being dropped in the tables as redundant, in favor of just men or women + age and/or + category
  • The individual days of stage races and omniums will count as races within their respective disciplines (RR, TT, Crit, or HC)
  • The overall results for stage races will count in the stage race category
  • The overall results for omniums will count in the omnium category.
  • Omnium Race Directors must specify how ties will be broken, both for riders with points as well as for riders with no points so that if there are 25 riders who finish the omnium, at least 25 places can be attributed. 

Here is the current