Back to Basics 2021

Back 2 Basics is back for 2021!  You can count on the same excellent courses and organization that have always been a part of the series.  We plan to continue to give you a new course each and every week with our goal of helping you fine tune your technique and your fitness.  Just a couple of things to remember.  First, we will be asking riders to please observe social distancing and masking when not racing.  We will ask riders to wear masks at staging and remove them 60 seconds before start.  Second, as in the past, there is no alcohol allowed at the venue.  This is part of our lease agreement with the state and we ask you to honor that so that there is no risk of us losing access to this venue.  Third, the races will be pre-reg only!  There will be no race day registration.  Please don’t put us in the position of having to send you home.  Pre-register.  Fourth, because of the Karen Hornbostel time trial series happening on Wednesdays this year, we have agreed to hold our races on Tuesdays.  The series will start on August 31 and finish on Sept. 28.  So 5 weeks of racing.  Finally, the course is open to training.  Please respect the venue:  don’t leave trash, don’t move the markers from where they have been placed.  It only makes more work for us.  There is a pile of markers on the side of the shed.  They are NOT for public use.  We use them to mark courses for you to train on.  They are expensive so please respect our request to leave them.  We are excited to be racing cx again this year and can’t wait to see you out there. Direct questions or concerns to Lee Waldman.  Lwaldman3@gmail.com