Pre-J Program


The BRAC Pre-J Program ? 2013 Cyclo-cross Season

August 1, 2013

The Pre-J Program is part of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC)?s Junior Development Program. The goal of the Pre-J Program is to introduce children aged 6, 7, 8 & 9 to cycling events in a positive, fun, and supportive atmosphere. Cyclo-cross is the perfect discipline for Pre-J events, as it provides skill development, varied terrain, and positive camaraderie.
This document defines our Pre-J Program, and provides information for our Event Directors for the 2013 Cyclo-cross season. Thank you Event Directors for incorporating Pre-J events into your races!

Who: Girls and boys biological age 6, 7, 8 & 9.

What: Pre-J is a non-competitive event held during the race day. Pre-J is held on a short cross course that uses a portion of the full cyclo-cross course. The Pre-J course should be spectator friendly and have some obstacles (9? single-height barriers are preferred or standard 40 cm barriers).

Why: Introduce kids to cross in the years before they are old enough to hold a junior racing license. The race-day schedule is designed so that young kids and juniors will race at a time close to their parents, thereby making it easy for families to plan their racing and maximize event participation. The Pre-J event schedule allows officials to have a lunch break.

Where: All BRAC weekend cross events in the Colorado Cross Cup.

When: A 20 minute Pre-J time slot has been built into the race-day schedules. The Pre-J time slot is paired with a half- hour lunch break for officials and the time allotted for course preview for the afternoon races. Afternoon athletes will have 20 minutes to preview half of the course, and 10 minutes to see the full course.

How: Race directors need to pull a non-competitive event permit from USAC for $25. In 2013, BRAC will reimburse

Event Directors for this expense. This reimbursement will take place on the post-event surcharge report.

Liability: The USAC non-competitive permit provides liability protection for the Pre-J event. The parents of all participants need to sign the Standard Release Form.

Awards/Recognition: Pre-J events are non-competitive, so we do not score this event or give prizes based on placing. BRAC will supply ribbons for Pre-J participants. Race directors are asked to distribute these ribbons to all Pre-J participants.

Links: USAC Non Competitive Event Permit

Authors: The BRAC Pre-J Program was created by Clint Bickmore, Adam Rachubinski, and Chris McGee.


Aaron 303-458-5538 execdir@coloradocycling.org

Yvonne 303-757-1892 membership@coloradocycling.org 

Clint 303-834-7093 president@coloradocycling.org

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