Race Communiqué Boulder Roubaix 2015


During the final wave of the day there was a small brush fire that required the diversion of the majority of riders in the following groups SW12P, MM 50+ 123, and MM 40+ Cat 3, this diversion made the riders do an additional 5+ miles that were neutralized on the 2nd lap. There were some riders in all those categories that had been dropped that were not diverted and rode less and some ended up finishing in front of the riders that had been diverted. Looking at the chip results from the 2nd lap it was obvious which riders had been diverted and which had not been. The riders that were not diverted were placed behind the riders that were diverted. The diversion was out of our control and we do appreciate that the emergency vehicles allowed the race to continue without additional interruptions as well as the riders understanding about the situation as well.

The following riders were disqualified for Centerline violations (rule 3B1)

Collegiate Men C 301, 317, 346, 351

MM 40+ Cat 5 1064


Tim Madden Chief Referee