Race Communiqué Superior Classic - RR

Morgul Bismark Road Race May 17

Thanks to the race organizers and all the racers to make a race happen on this classic course. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to make this event happen.


For races that are forced to have cones on the centerline due to local regulations as well as rider safety (it is to keep cars away from riders) if you ride close to the cones you are risking your own safety as well that of your fellow riders.



The following riders were disqualified for advancing position across centerline 8b1(a) 843 SM3, 229  SM 50+ Cat 4


Rider 662 MM 40+ Cat 3 was disqualified for discarding trash outside the feedzone 3B9


Rider 812 SM3 was disqualified for taking pace behind a car to get back to the field after a mechanical 8B4(d)


Warning to the Prestige Import diver for supporting their teams riders when they are supposed to be a neutral service vehicle



Tim Madden

Chief Referee Superior Morgul Classic