Upcoming Election

The Club Council meeting is this coming Saturday, January 21st. One of the big items of business is to elect five Directors to the BRAC Board of Directors. Here are the candidates and their statements:


Dear Fellow BRAC Members—

With the support of the current BOD members and Staff, I have decided to run to retain my seat on the Board.  In the past 2 years I have been a part of some great things with regards to our association and am highly motivated to see them to maturity.  Shortening the race day, outreaching to new sources of racers and streamlining the operations are just a few things that we, as a team, have accomplished and are looking to do more. 

Perhaps the most arduous and ambitious effort we have undertaken as a group has been the changing of the racing groups.  I very much want to see these changes make Colorado Racing better than it has ever been, and we can do that together.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to me at President@ColoradoCycling.org


Doug Gordon



2017--Lynn Taylor –Current Board member; USAC Level A Road and Track Official, Race Secretary


* 13 year racing career in California and Michigan

* Colorado resident since 1985, Fort Collins resident for 25+ years

* Employed at Colorado State University as a senior research associate in Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences-Cancer Radiation Biology

* BRAC/ACA member and USAC/BRAC/ACA official since 1986


Service to BRAC

  • 8 years as a Board member, last 2 as Secretary
  • Concurrent membership on BRAC Technical Committee since its inception: officials’ reports and checklist resources; race quality standards to enhance event presentation; work environments for officials; timely and accurate results production on-site and for BRAC.
  • 100% attendance at 2016 Board meetings
  • Attendance at Club Council meetings, Road and CX Race Director meetings, Women’s summits, awards parties, and race group town hall meetings
  • Guest presenter at BRAC camps (junior CX, women CX and Road)


Value to Board of Directors

  • Attention to detail—see the trees where others see the forest
  • Historical overview—knowledge of previous Boards’ rationale for policies and practices
  • International/national officiating experience and interactions for global perspective
  • Local officiating for day-long insight on effects of BRAC policies on race-day dynamics for riders, race directors, officials, and spectators


Why seek another term?

In my 8 years on the Board, these last two have been the best! The working relationship between the Board, the Executive Director, and the staff is the most harmonious it’s ever been. We’re on an upward trajectory and I want to continue understand the needs of the entire BRAC membership and keep bicycle racing exciting and sustainable in Colorado.

In the last two years we have made significant improvements in timely communication with the membership (twice weekly email blasts, website rebuild); seeking membership input (multiple town hall meetings, formed Junior Advisory committee and BRAC Advisory Committee); outreach (staffed BRAC tents at multiple community events); and financial management (new sponsorships and reduced expenditures while maintaining service to members with a substantially reduced budget).

In addition to attracting new riders, new race directors, and new venues, my wishlist for the next two years includes:

  1. Retention of current riders, race directors, races, sponsors and officials
  2. Renewed attention to the Women’s Program—USAC has added Cat 5 women and we have a new opportunity to develop a true beginner experience for new women riders instead of competing against seasoned Cat 4 riders.
  3. Establish and implement best practices for event promotion with the collegiate cycling community given the inherent turnover in this community
  4. Improved service to non-Front Range venues and race directors that might benefit from greater participation for neighboring states



Michael Chamberlin has been on the BRAC Board of Directors for the past year. He started road racing in the Denver area as a junior in the 1970’s. He now resides in Colorado Springs, races for COS Racing, and works as a teacher. Michael would like to see a greater racing presence in the southern half of the state - this is what sparked his interest in the Board of Directors position. To this end, he has worked with COS Racing and BRAC to develop a new road race in Colorado Springs. A team player, Michael is interested in working with the entire racing community to promote the sport and increase racer membership. Young racers are needed, and we need to find ways to attract them to the sport early. He’d also like to see a stage race in Colorado with prize money that attracts racers from across the country. Colorado is prime territory for such a race; we have the terrain and athletic mindset to have the best stage race in the country. Most importantly, Michael will listen to your ideas and bring them to the table for discussion, and then collaboratively work to make those ideas reality.  



Lance Panigutti, owner and race director for Without Limits Productions/White Line Cycling.  www.WITHOUTLIMITS.co

Athletic Background: I was first exposed to the sport of road racing and cyclocross back in New England as a junior triathlete on the national team looking to develop my cycling skills.  After moving to Colorado as a professional triathlete I quickly fell in love with the sport of cyclocross due to its tight knit community and sheer “fun” factor.  After having had the opportunity to race around I saw a void in the Colorado event scene for experiences other regions around the globe were developing. 

Event Production Experience:  In 2008 my brother Tony and I founded Without Limits Productions to deliver the athlete experiences we ourselves desired and felt were lacking in Colorado.  For the past 10 years our vision has been to continually enhance the registration experience, modernize the timing and results platform, and develop new and innovative courses such as the OZ road race, CYCLO-X Sienna Lake, and a handful of other events. 

BRAC Board Interest: My passion and drive to sit on the BRAC board is to round out the overall group with the eyes and experience of a race director.  The event industry is rapidly changing on the technology front, participation trends, and further complicated with new restrictions levied from municipalities.  For the racing side of the cycling industry to catch fire again it’s paramount for the local association to place its primary focus on creating pipelines of new blood “junior, women, and masters racers”, while making sure it’s events parallel the new growing industries of “obstacle racing” and “fun runs”.  



Dear BRAC Members:

I am running for a position on the Board of Directors and am asking for your vote. While many of you see me almost every weekend as an official, you might not know that I have experience in all aspects of racing: racer, past race director of the Rocky Mountain Senior Games, past president of COBRAS and even board member and officer of a premiere riding club.

I have been a race official for 11 years. My officiating career began in 2006 when the ACA (BRAC’s predecessor) proposed a rule change that would require each club provide one official; at that time ACA was hurting for officials. That proposal was withdrawn, but I saw the need and decided to become an official because I wasn’t really that adept at racing, my forté was ultra-marathon cycling events. I am a veteran of several Super Randonneur campaigns, eventually intending to do the Paris-Brest-Paris event (the first pro bike race), but was sidetracked by family illness.

Since 2001, I have also served as Secretary and board member of the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club and believe I can serve both entities with equal vigor, and I already have experience working on a board of directors and trying to balance multiple view points. I am also the official’s representative on the BRAC Advisory Board that was recently created and that is made up of both racers and race directors.

I am dedicated to this sport. With my background and knowledge about racing, officiating and just plain riding a bike, I believe I can represent everyone in BRAC and help set a positive direction for the organization. Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to email me at foss.tom@gmail.com.


Tom Foss



Dear BRAC Members –

I would bring a unique background to the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) as I have 30+ years in nonprofit management and fundraising; am an experienced event planner, ride director and race promoter; and have extensive experience in marketing/public relations.   Some fun highlights:

  • Organize Tri Velo Series Jr. Cycling Camps: in 2016 there were 183 youth that attended the 3 camps and 55 of those were beginners that now have USAC licenses
  • VP of Development, National MS Society, New England Chapter – increased fundraising income from $3.5 million to $7.5 million over 3 year
  •  Successfully stewarded a new nonprofit through major PR crisis – yes, indeed, I was the Executive Director of the Tyler Hamilton Foundation.
  •  Ride Director for the Denver Century Ride – 1600 riders and 17 different municipalities to work with for permits, etc.
  •  Created the only CX Race anywhere that has an adaptive category – Mile High Urban CX Chaos. 
  • Have organized cyclovias; European bike tours for 60+ cyclists; recreational bike tours; bike races; gala events; theatrical productions; running races; golf tournaments; camps; clinics; and much more.
  • Transportation Coordinator for USA Pro Challenge & Amgen Tour of California.
  • Once a month with the Front Rangers, I organize a bike ride for the youth of Sun Valley – the poorest neighborhood in Colorado.

In addition to my experience I bring an unbridled dedication and passion to ensuring that everyone has access to the sport regardless of age, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or ability.    I have demonstrated again and again in the Colorado cycling community my ability to go above and beyond for juniors and beginners. 

My 2017 projects include Mavic Haute Route Rockies; Primal Colorado Bike Expo; Denver Century Ride; Wacky Bike Ride; Tri Velo Series (3 + camps); Campus Cycles Ladies Nights; Rocky Mountain Jr. Cycling Challenge; Front Rangers Cycling Club – Executive Director & Team Director; and a few others soon to be announce.  My most important job is as a Senior Sherpa – I am responsible for the care of a senior citizen – my mother – and it is both the hardest and greatest job of all.



Dear BRAC Members –

I am running for a position on the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC). As owner of Peak to Peak Training Systems for over 20 years, I have worked with all levels of cycling athletes including a specialization in junior development, investments into camps, clinics, races and athlete planning.  My experiences in cycling have given me wide perspective on racing, competition, participation, group management, junior development, parenthood, event promotion and the complex nuances that bind them together.


     Racing (licensed since 1987, Elite license since 1992, over 2,000 race starts)

  • Held collegiate, category 4, 3, 2, 1 licenses
  • 2001 US National 30-34 Masters Road Champion, as well as earning 8 National Championship podium medals from years prior and post.
  • Multiple State Road & TT Championships

     Coaching (licensed since 1994, Level 1 since 1997, UCI Team Manager)

  • Coached, identified, and developed junior riders both nationally and internationally.
  • Acted as volunteer, chaperone, assistant coach, head coach and director at many junior talent identification & development cycling camps since 1996 in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and California for BRAC & USA Cycling.
  • Continue to develop, aid in the selection of and direct teams of junior athletes for national and international competition for USA Cycling
  • I continue to work with masters athletes on an individual and group basis including coaching, training camps, clinics and bike fits.

Race promotion

  • Co-promoted the Table Mtn Race Series from 2008-2011
  • Promoted and directed the Table Mtn Race Series from 2012 to now
  • Co-sponsored a gravel race in Nebraska with plans to direct a new 100k gravel race that spans the borders of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.


  • I am a father of 4 girls, husband and youngest son in a family of 11 siblings
  • Born & raised on a farm and ranch, still work on the same farm and ranch.
  • My motto: “Nothing good is ever accomplished without hard work”


I have a deep respect and love for the sport of bicycle racing, those who work to make it happen and those that participate.  As a potential board member of BRAC, I will work towards improving access and exposure of bike racing to more cyclists, support opportunities for learning and experiences for junior cyclists, provide tools to new promoters and clubs who wish to offer events, and work to improve the access to information. 



Dear BRAC Members –

Thank you for your consideration for the open BRAC board positon. I began racing over 30 years ago andsince then have touched nearly every aspect of the sport. For the last 10 years I have been running Honest Efforts Racing Organization (currently the Groove Subaru Cycling team,) one of the largest, oldest, and diverse teams in Colorado. I have encountered the issues of safe fun racing, growth of junior racing, promoter challenges, and sponsor expectations. Additionally, I have raced in many other states and countries and have seen the good and bad those environments have to offer.

With this experience, I strongly feel I understand and can work with all the stakeholders in the sport we love: clubs, racers, promoters, race officials, governing bodies, and the local communities. It is my belief we all have to work together when facing the complex issues that currently surround our sport.

Cycling relatedexperience

  • Licensed since 1983
  • Raced: Junior, Colligate, Amateur, and Master categories
  • Raced across the US and in many European countries
  • 10 years as Groove Subaru Cycling team manager
  • Widespread network across cycling manufactures, large international promoters, governing bodies, and European professional teams.
  • Acted as race promoter for AST Criterium, several California Criteriums
  • Co-promoted State Track championship for 2016


  • My wife is Austrian whom I met as a banker. We have one son who has started racing last fall.
  • Born & raised in Northern California with great memories of racing there in my youth.
  • CEO of Dealer360 (a software company focused on the auto sector
  • My motto: “We all get knocked down, it’s getting up and moving forward that matters”

Cycling has been a tremendously positive aspect of my life and my core interest is to give back to the sport. My dream is to see cycling in Colorado regain its momentum and become the benchmark for racing in the US.



Dear Cyclist

I have been the owner of Reynolds Roofing since 1995. I am also President and shared title sponsor of Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing, formally known as Psimet/Zilla Racing. I have been racing for and in a leadership role for the team for the last 5 years.

Taking up road racing at 20 years old in Houston TX in 1992, I found that I had a true love for the sport. By the next year I became a CAT2. I moved to Colorado in 1994 in hopes of becoming a Pro cyclist, and that dream came true in the year 2000 as I landed a one year ride with the Tokyo Joe’s Pro Racing Team, where I was elected Vice President of the team.


Even after 18 years of racing road bikes I still love it as much as ever. I am now looking forward to helping BRAC assist our local racers and Leaders in any way possible. In the end I only want what is best for the RACERS, for without them we do not have BRAC, Sponsors, nor Promoters. 

Upcoming Races & Events

Frostbite Time Trial

Sat., Mar. 4

FortCollins, CO
Donald Haywood

DU City Park Criterium

Sun., Mar. 5

Denver, CO
Jacob Richardson

Louisville Criterium

Sat., Apr. 1

Louisville, CO
Lance Panigutti

Oredigger Classic- Criterium (Collegiate Only)

Sat., Apr. 1

Golden, CO
Dan McMahon

Oredigger Classic- Criterium

Sun., Apr. 2

Golden, CO
Dan McMahon

Karen Hornbostel Mem'l TT #1 @ Cherry Creek State Park

Wed., Apr. 5

Denver, CO
David Hunter

Mercedes-Benz of Westminster 2017 Boulder Roubaix Road Race presented by Wheels Manufacturing

Sat., Apr. 8

Boulder, CO
Chris Grealish

CU Discovery Criterium

Sun., Apr. 9

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