Road and Track Party Coming Up

Friday, September 30th, you are all invited to join us for our bi-annual awards ceremony. This one honors the riders who worked hard all road season in good weather and bad, up hills and on the flats, It also honors our champions of the bankings, those who participated in races at the BVV and at the OTC Velodrome, the true speedsters of Colorado. The location is the Great Divide Barrel Bar at 3403 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216. The time is 6 PM to 9 PM. There will be pizza and non-pizza food. Beer and other beverages, and, of course, the trophies for the top three in each race group for road and track. Larry Grossman will hoist the mic as emcee. 

It would be great if we could fill the podiums. If you are in the top three, please show up to accept your award and stand with your fellow recipients. If you are not sure if you are in that crowd, click here for the summary of the individual road cup awards. The team cup competition was rewritten after last year and the results may be different from what you expect. Click here to see if your team will be standing to receive its trophy. And, if you are a trackie who will be called up for an award, you will appear here

So please come by and celebrate. You worked hard all season. You deserve it. 



Upcoming Races & Events

BARP - Harlow Recovery CX (Non-Cup)

Sun., Sep. 25

Parker, CO
Deirdre Moynihan

USOTC Tuesday Night Track Series

Tue., Sep. 27

Colorado Springs, CO
Christopher Schmidt

Inspired 2016 CX Workshops

Wed., Sep. 28

Golden, CO
Sue Lloyd

Back to Basics CX Series #6

Wed., Sep. 28

Golden, CO
Lee Waldman

BRAC Road and Track Awards Party

Fri., Sep. 30

Denver, CO
Shawn Farrell

BARP - Rhyolite CX

Sat., Oct. 1

Studt's Corny Treads

Sat., Oct. 1

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Updated on 09/08/2016

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