Hugo Communique

On Saturday May 22nd at the Hugo RR everyone was faced with the incredible windy conditions. Even though the conditions were bad the centerline rule was still in effect and this was especially important on highway 94 with traffic and a clear yellow line.

The entire men's P-1-2 lead chase pack on 94 was DQ?d for riding and attacking across the centerline on the left side of the road. This was observed by me for several miles.

The riders were not fully informed of this because of miscommunication between myself and the motor official and because I was transporting a rider with extensive road rash to receive medical attention. Also rider 181 Jon Tarkington was mistakenly put in the group that was DQ?d. He was not with the group at the time I observed the problems. I do apologize for the lack of communication and to the mistake with Jon

Tim Madden, Chief Referee