Club Council Approves Bylaw Change

A special meeting of the club council was called  last Friday during the road and track awards party. The purpose was to decide on a bylaw issue that was supported in last fall's club council meeting. Sufficient clubs were present to constitute a quorum and the bylaw passed by a wide majority. The bylaw change removed a line that said that a given rider could only be claimed by one club for the purpose of determining voting strength of the clubs. The effect of this bylaw change includes the following:

  1. Significant brain damage will be reduced trying to calculate voting strenth prior to the club council meeting. Now a simple download of the USAC club data will tell us how many members a given club or team has.
  2. More clubs will get to claim riders, thereby raising the voting strength of some teams relative to others
  3. It reflects the reality of today.  Riders often have a team for road, another for track, and one for Cyclo-cross. In the past, only one of those clubs got to claim the rider, but the bylaws were silent on how to choose which.  Given the previous timing of the CC meeting in November, it often defaulted to being the CX team, even though the rider had been a member of a road team for 9 months prior to that. This change makes that irrelevant, and if you are a member of club X for road and a member of club Y for CX, then both clubs get to claim you for membership numbers, which directly decides their voting strength. 

It is important to note that in all cases, it is the official club/team that you are on with BRAC and USA Cycling that counts. You can only be a racing member of one club/team per discipline, while technically you could join 100 teams in some capacity. Riders and teams should always make sure that their team designations are correct with both BRAC and USAC, not just for this issue, but also so that your cup points track to the correct team. 

If a rider does actually change a team during the season, for example changing from road team X to road team Y in October, it will be the team the rider is on the Monday prior to the club  council meeting that will be used. 

Updated BRAC Bylaws can be found