2018 KHMTT #2 Race Communiqué & Relegation

Once you have crossed the finish line DO NOT make a U-turn to return to the parking lot. Continue to the 4-way intersection at the top of the hill to return to the parking lot.

The following Junior racer was relegated to last place for failing to go through roll out prior to his start:

#154, Tomkowicz, Zachary, Men 15-16, 528475  (original time was 32:15.055)

Number Placement- Just a reminder to riders that it would be very helpful to the judge and timer if you would make sure your race number:

  • is pinned securely, not glued, to jersey
  •  is not crumbled 
  • placed on side of body, above pockets; align bottom of number with the front seam of the jersey’s side panel

Check out this video about number placement: https://vimeo.com/155565590                  


Tom Foss, Chief Referee, USAC 277450

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