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Women's Mentoring

The BRAC sponsored women's mentoring program's purpose is to encourage women and girls of all levels and abilities to participate in bicycle racing: road, track and cyclocross.  As the mission of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado is to promote racing in Colorado, it is necessary to develop programs that allow women to approach the starting line with confidence. As a formalized program of mentoring, The BRAC Women's Development Program will offer both personalized and race based mentoring.

The mentoring program will provide a number of experienced racers who will prepare the new participants for the course, ideas on tactics and race expectations. There will be an opportunity to ride the course with the mentors before the race for 10-15 minutes. The race will then re-stage for the official race start, which will be ridden without the mentors. Eight mentoring races have been chosen for accessibility, level of technicality and discipline from April through August. The cyclocross calendar will be developed in June or July for the cyclocross season.

Experienced racers will be available to mentor throughout the season to individuals or an assigned group of new racers where preparation and tactics will be discussed before the event via email or telephone. An attempt will be made by the mentor to accompany the new racer to some of the races, but the intent is for an individual to feel comfortable seeking encouragement to alleviate the anxiety of racing.  

Races Selected for Mentoring (This list is tentative. Please watch the BRAC website for updates)  

  • Louisville Criterium - April 5 
  • Wheels of Thunder - May 10 
  • Inspired Series  - Weekly 
  • Superior Morgul RR - May 18 
  • City Park - May 31
  • Sonic Boom - June 8
  • Longmont Criterium - July 13 
  • Bannock Criterium - August 3



2013 Mentoring Flyer 

2013 Mentoring Job Description - Info for our Mentors

2012 Mentoring Flyer


Here are comments from women who have raced their first criterium in a BRAC Women's Mentoring Event:

"I participated in my first Crit at Bannock Street last weekend. I did it specifically because it was one of the mentor crits that BRAC has organized. Margel Abel coached me the whole Crit and was great. I did not get a chance to thank her and Beth who rode with the SW4 group that morning. Can you please pass my message on to Margel to thank her for me. Thanks!" - Patty H, Denver

"Being super nervous to race a crit, I wanted to reach out to you two after the Wheels of Thunder Race last Saturday. Thank you Rachel and the mentors for your work, and to the event director for providing such a safe course for learning. The turns were super easy and the mentors provided great tips! I hope to try a couple more races this year. Thanks for making this opportunity available in Colorado." - Tara M, Denver 

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