Board of Directors

About the Board

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the clubs at the annual club council meeting each year. They fulfill the responsibilities specified below, subject to the control of the Club Council of the Association, and may have other duties as shall from time to time be assigned to them by the President. All individual members are members in good standing of BRAC.

The election for 2018 took place on February 3rd at the Club Council meeting. We had five people running for five spots, so the Club Council approved the full slate of candidates.  

Officers of the Board of Directors


The President  functions as Chairperson of the BRAC Board of Directors and the Club Council.  In periods between meetings of the Club Council, the President may interpret the Schedule of Fees, Bylaws, and Constitution, with the consultation of the Board of Directors.  The President, along with the Executive Director,  is the official spokesperson for the organization. Their duties are include preparing the monthly agenda for the meetings of the Board of Directors, coordinating the racing schedule, developing/revising the annual budget, organizing the club annual meeting, procuring sponsorships, and any other duties as may be assigned. The President works with the Executive Director to ensure efficient functioning of the association.

The Secretary keeps and posts the agendas and minutes of all meetings of the Club Council, the Board of Directors, and any committees.

In the absence of the President, the Vice President has the authority to perform the duties of the President.

The Treasurer, along with the Executive Director, oversees the maintenance of the corporate financial records. The Treasurer monitors the monthly statements prepared by the Executive Director and reviews with the Executive Director and the Association?s accountant the yearly financial report to the Annual Club Council.  (S)he oversees the keeping of the Association books and records, which is the physical duty of the Executive Director and insures that all records and accounts are correct.  The Treasurer attends all monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and delivers the financial report to the Board.

Directors at Large serve as representatives of the membership to the Board of Directors, and are assigned duties by the President or the BRAC Board of Directors.

Current Board Members

The current members of the BRAC Board of Directors are listed below. Click on their names to email them.


Doug Gordon (term expires at the beginning of 2019)


Vice President:

TBD at February BOD meeting


Lynn Taylor (term expires at the beginning of 2019)


TBD at February BOD meeting

Directors At Large:

Lance Panigutti 

Michael McGuinn 
Troy Reynolds 
Melissa Barker
Jessica McWhirt
Jon Heidemann 

Karen Tourian

Audrey Beebe


Communications: Alicia Caldwell, Andrew Holliday, Jessica McWhirt, Monica Breckenridge, Brian Smits, Rachel Toburen

Juniors:  Doug Gordon, Michael McGuinn,  Non-BOD: Adam Rachubinski, Jim Levy, Melissa Barker, Pete Webber, Peter Schmidtmann, Jim Poggemeyer, Alex Horgan-Ross, Jon Heidemann                                                                                                                 

Technical Committee: Marco Vasquez, Tom Foss, Mike McGuinn, Lynn Taylor, Yvonne van Gent

Womens Development: Jessica McWhirt, Audrey Beebe